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Easy to use, and multiple currencies available. I use this app to plan all my bills.

Perfect! Love this App!

Easy to navigate, not complicated, fulfills its promises, this app has made my life easier in so many ways. Would like to see a widget for todays screen, and also instead of the app saying "overdue", I would prefer the term "past due".

Cant log in

Recently having a problem logging in. Is requiring a fingerprint, which isnt working and not giving the option to enter my passcode. Had been using this app for quite some time with no problems.

Not Happy With App Anymore

USED TO BE a great app but now it wont sync between my iPhone and iPad. I deleted it off my iPad and thinking about doing the same thing on my iPhone and looking elsewhere for a bill tracking app. Really bugs me since I paid for this app and Im not getting my moneys worth!!!

Simple & perfect

Love this app. Have used it for years to keep track of my personal bills. Its a very simple concept and serves a very important purpose. I get alerts when bills are due and I can look at the month in the future. Highly recommended.

Would be lost without it

I love this app. Use it all the time. Its DEFINITELY time to bring the UI up to snuff though, dont ya think?

Ok App

I like the app... it works pretty well and does what I need. 2 reasons for the low rating... iCloud restore doesnt work, as I just found out... so I just lost all of my data. When I attempted to restore from the cloud, it just didnt see the data out there. I had a backup from a year ago, so thats about as much as I could restore. Second... support is lacking... Im still waiting to hear back from an email sent to them 14 months ago. Also, the app doesnt get updated enough, which is something I look for in a good product.

Unable to Sync From Lite Version

Does not sync accounts information from the free version. Paid app installs separately and is not recognized when you try the "migrate accounts" option. I upgraded to be able to use iCloud sync (have not tried it yet) but not being able to transfer accounts must be a stinking bug!

Nice app

Works well, I need it to send me reminders of when my bills are do and it does that with no problem.

Was perfect! Now its terrible!

Where did the note section go??? That was best feature!!! Ive emailed the maker of the app and no1 will respond to me ! It was perfect before u did the new design.

Terrible Since Update...

Simply WAS my favorite app! After the update to my iPhone, the whole app changed.... Nothing familiar now. I will delete and find new bill tracker.


I love this app. The only thing I wish would change is while Im on the calendar when I hit a date I can scroll to bottom to see what is due. At the present I have to double tap and then it takes me away from the calendar mode. It makes it more difficult to calculate what I need to pay for that particular paycheck. But, oh well. Nothing is perfect.

Love it

Keeps me up to date on all bills. Easy to manage, add. Its great.

Love this app

This app is exactly what I was looking for! Nice layout. Simple and efficient!

Almost Perfect

Its been said by everybody else but app is awesome. Anyone who gave less than 4 stars isn t using the app properly!

Simple App for tracking bills.

I use another bill tracking app but am always looking at what the App Store has to offer. This app is simple, user interface is clean and pleasant to work with. Great job.

Updates need work.

The notes feature doesnt work like it used to. But more importantly, I wish I could set the upcoming date spread. I dont need to see the calendar month. I need to see whats due by my next payday. I would like to be able to set the date so I can see the total of upcoming bills based on a date I enter, not a predetermined date set by the ap.

Wrong app

Accidentally chose this this app. Immediately decide this was it going to be worth it for me to test out. I attempted to pull of the developers website to contact them regarding a refund. Their website was a dead link. Please contact me!

The app doesnt work since the last update

Cant contact customer service the website doesnt work cant even delete the app bad bad bad!

Does What I Need It To!

I mainly just wanted a way to track my bills and their due dates. I keep track of login info in the "Account" section which is helpful since online security is getting ridiculous with password requirements. I like that theres both a list and a calendar format although I use the list format more often. The updates over the past few months have made it nicer visually as well. I highly recommend it as a basic bill tracker.

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